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Ladies and gentleman, I have a confession. I... am in love. The object of this love is a fanfic that some may call average, perhaps even bad, but it has filled me with such joy that I feel the need to share it with the world. Now, I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about riffing on fics— after all, this stuff is made for free and by amateurs, isn't it a bit cruel to mock it like you would a product you pay for? And I understand those feelings, but I'm not going to mock this fic, instead I'm going to share my feelings on it and try to explain why it has become my new love.

The fic in question is a Kingdom Hearts fic by WolfHearts14, titled "The Last Days of My Life". The summary gives us the premise that, in high school AU fashion, Xion and her twin sister have moved to Twilight Town and the sister has a mysterious illness, but that won't stop her from striking up a romance with fan-favourite character Zexion. Sounds run of the mill, right? But within that innocent sounding idea is a roller coaster of a story, featuring romance drama, school plays, jealous love rivals, tragic twins, sudden ER visits, prophetic dreams, and character names ripped straight out of Warrior Cats.

My friends, I hope you enjoy the story of Myrr...

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Title: Angels and Flies
Source: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Eraqus, Aqua, Terra
Genre: humour, fluff
Words: 2, 589

Summary: Young Aqua and Terra have been too busy trying to show off, they've forgotten the real reason for why they are Eraqus' pupils. After a training session gone wrong, Eraqus reminds them what exactly the Keyblade is for.

Also can be read on over here. Originally published July, 2011.

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