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[RP] soulgemmed application

I went to a new world today...

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Character name: Xion
Age: Physically around 14-years-old. In terms of lifespan, she is less than a year old.
Canon: Kingdom Hearts (358/2 Days)
Canonpoint: Between days 255 and 298; Xion has learned the truth about herself and is hiding while trying to decide what to do.

Background: Xion started life as the fourteenth member of Organization XIII, employed by them for her ability to use the Keyblade. She is tasked with traveling the various worlds in the Kingdom Hearts universe and defeating creatures known as Heartless. Unlike other members of the Organization, who are all Nobodies (beings that are the leftover shells from those that lost their hearts), Xion is a Replica, made to be a copy of series protagonist Sora and be a mere tool for the Organization to use in their goal to fabricate their own Kingdom Hearts. While initially constructed to be nothing more than an empty doll, Xion soon developed a personality of her own, both from the memories of Sora's life she unknowingly began siphoning after the events of Chain of Memories and from her own experiences, particularly the friendship she forms with Roxas (Sora's Nobody) and Axel. As time goes on she absorbs more and more memories, becoming stronger; however, this eventually makes Roxas weaker through the link they share through Sora. Xion is faced with a dilemma: continue living her own life, thus sacrificing Sora and Roxas, or sacrifice herself and return as memories back to Sora's heart, erasing any awareness of her existence. She is torn between wanting to do what is best for everyone— fading away to the nothing she started from— and her want to be alive. If only there was a way for her to fulfill both choices...

Personality: Xion began as a blank slate; created as an empty doll, she literally had no face of her own. Instead of any innate personality, she was silent and taciturn for the first few weeks of her life. Through exposure to others she gained speech and feelings. She takes a lot of mannerisms and interests from those around her (example, since her closest friends til this point were two guys she is more tomboyish in her attitude, willing to good-naturedly snark and shove her buddies around). Even her appearance comes from other's memories, her face reflecting back someone else's appearance. It took some time for her to eventually mold traits to become distinct to herself, such as her introspectiveness. In some ways, this is what led to her current dilemma: her fighting so hard to become her own person, as Namine described.

Xion takes her job very seriously. Just as she threw herself into hunting Heartless, she will throw herself into eradicating Nightmares, because she wants to fit the role and purpose given to her. Taking tasks seriously extends to her own personal life, as she will tackle any problems on her own, even going so far to run away, some times for days straight. In short, she likes to help others but isn't all that great at accepting help in return. When caught up in her personal issues she will become pensive and closed off. If pushed too far she will act out in desperation or anger, especially if her role or existence is brought into question. ("My Keyblade is not a sham!") Xion, having been called an "it" by her superiors, has more self-esteem issues than she cares to let on, worrying that she really is worthless or a mistake.

But, more than anything, Xion's core being comes from the love for her two friends. Even if she can't be with them anymore she will do whatever it takes to keep them, and the memories of their times spent together, safe.

" But the time I spent on that clock tower was real. I wish the three of us could stay together, just like this, forever. But I have to end this. I'll never forget today's sunset. Even if Roxas and Axel do, I won't forget."

Wish: While alone in Twilight Town, Xion's true want finally takes form and she is approached by Kyubey. She takes his offer of becoming a Magi in trade for her friends' protection and forms the contract.

"I want you to undo all the bad that comes from the memory of my existence. Make it so that I never lived in this world but instead in a different one."

What she doesn't realize is Xion only wished for the illusion of a happy ending. While there exists the possibility that removing her from history guaranteed a series of events that took away her friends' suffering and assured the Keyblade weilder's awakening, it is just as possible she doomed everyone to a worse ending because she is no longer there to change events she would have had a part in.

Passive ability: Mobility Because of her want to be moved to a different lifetime, she has a slight boost in evasion and agility when in battle. She can rush and dodge, which she'll find to be thankful for since the self-deprecation voiced in her own wish leaves her with a lower defense than average. So, Xion can avoid a few hits but the ones she can't hurt.

Active ability: Illusionary Protection Because she wished to be removed from her old lifetime, thus rewriting events so that it seemed she was never there, Xion's powers center around illusion and camouflage. Rather than an offensive attack this power acts as more of a shield. Xion can craft a barrier around her that refracts the light, creating a disjointed image like broken crystal that she can hide behind. This is a stationary ability, meaning if she wanted another shield it would need to be constructed again. If needed she can also cast these illusions around others for protection. She can only create three barriers at a single time and they cannot withstand physical attacks. At most the barriers can only stay up for about a minute.

Weapon: Keyblade (default Kingdom Key appearance). It is an item connected to her heart; as long as she has this, she knows she is still alive.

[She sits in her room, journal on her knees, pen tapping against its currently open and blank page. She sighs. This was so much easier in her early days.]

[She's already flipped through the old pages and skimmed her own writing. Most of the entries are bare bones, simply having the date and a point-by-point list of her tasks that day. She read them all in monotony until she reached the account of one certain day.]

[The entry reads:]
I completed another mission with Roxas today. It feels different than working alone. Although nothing has changed about me, I feel more awake. He says we're becoming friends and says it with such confidence even though neither one of us truly understands that feeling. I think I want to stay friends.

[What is it she really wants now?]

"I... I don't know."

[No, that isn't right at all. She knows what she wants but she's not sure if she can have it any more. She'd asked what she needed to do and she'd been told to figure out where she belonged. She should be grateful, and part of her truly is, but another part of her is undeniably selfish. There has to be a way to save everyone and for her to remain long enough to create more happy memories.]

[She remembers frays against Heartless, training and her aching joints afterwards, salty sweet ice cream, sunsets... But she also remembers races, the smell of brine, the sound of the tide, a meteor shower, and a home that wasn't hers.]

[What does she want?]

"I just want to be me."

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